5 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs : Learn More

15 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs
Mr Eshio

5 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs : Learn More

Today we will be taking a good example and helping you with great tips needed for business growth. We will be sighting on the characteristics of great business minds.

Join us as we reveal the secret of successful entrepreneurs such as Chukwunweike Onyekachi, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Oprah Wiinfrey, Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu and a host of others.

These characteristics are ;


When you think of the likes of Bill Gates, you tend to feel he is living a life filled with long vacations and excessive free time. But that not true; most successful entrepreneurs or Ceos are known to have great amount of passion and energy.

“Passion is what drives me forward. Passion is what makes me go to bed at 2am and wake up at 6am”. – Aliko Dangote

“Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing”. – Warren Buffett

They possess the capacity to work long hours with minimal sleep.


Successful entrepreneurs are known to take responsibility of their actions and decisions even in the face of failure. They don’t blame their employees; instead they take charge, correct their business mistakes and move on.


This is a very vital character possessed by any successful entrepreneur you come across. Entrepreneurs are known to be committed not just for the moment but for years. You can imagine Warren Buffet, who is in his 80s, yet he is still committed to the growth of Berkshire Hathaway, which was founded many years ago.


Successful Business minds are also known to display a high level of self confidence. They have little belief in fate; they strongly believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their set goals. This is a major character venture capitalist to watch out for before financing any business venture .

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Being persistent is part of the 5 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs . “When the going get tough, the tough gets going”. This is what persistence stands for; the ability to press on in the face of hardship. Without persistence nothing can be achieved.When you think of persistence; think of Henry Ford, founder of Ford motor Company and Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds.

“Nothing in the world can take place of persistence. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent”. – Ray Kroc

Other worthy mentions are ;

Goal Setting – having the ability to set clear goals as a business minded person is key .

Ability To Take Risk – Successful business minds are risk takers; they put down their time, energy and resources to make sure their business stand the test of time .

Intelligent Use Of Feedback – They take all comments and suggestions serious , either good or bad.

Strong Self Imposed Standards – Great entrepreneurs have laid down principles which they don’t compromise for any reason.

Hope we have been able to enlighten you on how to become succesful at what you do . Remember your works speaks louder when they are implemented the right way .




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