A Dying Earth By Susan Garland Okoye : Book On Climate Crisis

A Dying Earth By Susan Garland Okoye : Book On Climate Crisis

Beauty Queen , Mrs Susan Garland Okoye is also an environmentalist and a creative author. She did justice to the issues affecting climate changes in the earth . The book “A DYING EARTH” serves us some very vital tips and creates awareness with adaptable solutions.

This is what environmentalist and author, Susan Garland Okoye has attempted to do in this book. A Dying Earth: Race to Stop Climate change and Save the Earth is an exposition of the causes and effects of Fulani herdsmen migration from northern to southern Nigeria, the highest carbon emitters amongst nations of the world and efforts made by these nations to reduce and control emissions to sustainable levels by the year 2030.

Susan Garland Okoye is an author and environmentalist, who is passionate about fighting the ongoing climate change crisis and ensuring that the earth is preserved for generations to come.

After winning the Miss Earth pageant in 2019, Susan embarked on a tree planting project, where she plans to plant one million trees across six countries of the world.

The project is aimed at reducing the adverse effects of climate change on the earth, and she has listed the benefitting countries as Nigeria, the Philippines, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Rwanda.

The Irish-Nigerian model who got involved in the Miss Earth beauty pageant because it has something in common with her vision and goal in life, also represented Nigeria at the Miss Earth World Pageant in 2019. She made top ten at the glamorous pageant.

Susan carries out her environment and climate change-related projects through her foundation, Beyond Garland Initiative, and her goal as she authors books is to translate each book sale to the planting of two trees in the countries outlined. Her first book is The Earth is Important Too. (new book title) is her second book.

Susan is married to Obie Okoye and they have a daughter together.

How To Get The Book – “A Dying Earth”

Go to www.amazon.com or download the Amazon Kindle App or Amazon app (search in the book section, my book title) “A dying Earth Susan Garland Okoye”, you’ll see the Kindle version (ebook) or paperback version. It’s also available to Amazon Kindle Subscribers for free.

visit www.beyondgarlandinitiative.org


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