Adebimpe Adeyemi Shares Pre-Wedding Experience: Must Read

Adebimpe Adeyemi Fapohunda Wedding experience

A Nigerian Lady Shares a very interesting story of her wedding pre experience.

This is a very loving and encouraging story , it is a sign of a never give up spirit.

Mrs Fapohunda took to her Facebook account to share her own loving and challenging moments during her wedding preparations.

Adebimpe Adeyemi Fapohunda Wedding experience

Three weeks to my wedding, I went for shopping in the popular Lagos market.I went with my elder sister, we got all we needed and tthe prices were fair enough. We spent a whole day touring and buying. I’ve gotten all the things I needed; hair accessories, shoes. My sister stopped by at the last shop to get some fabrics for herself, her phone went off as she was about to make transfer ( we have exhausted the cash on us and we were left with only our transport fare) .

I was at the entrance of the shop with the loads and I went inside to give her power bank to charge her already dead phone.when I came back our load was gone; everything gone just like that. I almost ran mad, all my wedding accessories gone !!!Myself and my sister went home crying that day. Ko funny rara. my wedding hair was the most expensive things I got that day and it was also stolen.

I called my fiancee and told him, he couldn’t even say a word, I was confused and exhausted. All we had contributed money to buy gone just like that…”he do me like film”. Even our wedding ring was taken. Two weeks to the wedding, who will I run to?My husband (fiancee) is the best encourager I’ve seen so far.I was down, but he will always tell me Adebimpe, I wouldn’t blame you, it could have happened to anybody but God will come through for us. My faith was wavering, wedding was in two weeks and I had nothing.

#EndSARS protest started and I was like “he don happen”.Markets were not opened, even if I got another money, how I will I go to the market?Lagos was bloody and burning. Then I kept all of this to myself, I didn’t tell anyone apart from my close family, my husband and two of my closest friend. It was a tough time, a big sister of mine just called to check on me to ask how planning and preparation was going

.”I’m very close to her anyway, I was her chief bride’s maid two years ago. She asked about my preparation and I replied “I’m not fine” I explained everything to her, she was so sorry and she said I should come and see her on the island. I went anyway, I got to lekki very early on that Monday morning of my wedding week, we got talking, she already asked for the details of everything that was stolen”.

I wasn’t sure why she went inside But she came back with a big bag. It contained all the things I would ever needed.Far more Expensive shoes, 360 degree full frontal human hair, Jewelries, Purse, fan. everything I needed.

Only wedding ring was excluded, I was just crying she said “Adebimpe you’ve been dear to me and this is the least I can do for you” Several other friends too gave me things .

In the end, I had far more than I could ever afford. God came through for me, it looked like the devil had an upper hand but as usual he is a sore loser.We will never win, if we put our trust in our self or in our own capacity.God will always come through for us if we put our trust in Him.I trust God to help me share more amazing and intriguing story of God’s Faithfulness. Till next time, never doubt God’s Faithfulness. Thank you#betterasone #7/11

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