Continuity Is Key : “Susan Modupe Garland” Speaks On Public Awareness For Hand Sanitising

In Her bid to ensure the earth is safe and green, she had a brief discussion with the “Head Of Operations Lagos Brt” explaining why she decided to take this extreme , and is also calling on the Govt to implement this and pass it into law.
The vision is quite clear and this can be fully achieved by God’s grace, and also support from Govt, individuals etc
About 200 Hand Sanitizers were distributed and we are sure this will continue
The LASTMA Officials were not left out in the excercise, as they aim to make it a regular routine all over Nigeria
That happy face when you are sanitised by BEYOND GARLAND INITIATIVE
Why Going Green is Important?
Increase Productivity: Going green saves us from toxic products and environmental pollution. This helps us to live a healthier lifestyle which eventually increase our productivity in all spheres of life.

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