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Ex-Guber Candidate Samson. Congratulate Seyi Tinubu – READ


Ex-Guber Candidate Samson. Congratulate Seyi Tinubu – READ

Ex-Guber Candidate Samson. Congratulate Seyi Tinubu – READ

Published March 31st, 2023.

2023 General Election, why Nigeria Youths need to Emulate Mr Seyi Tinubu, Says RAIN Coordinator prince Adewale Samson.

In the course of our exegetic review of the recent political development as regards the just concluded general elections and the emergency of Asiwaju Bola Ahmen Tinubu as Winner and President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (RAIN) rose in accord with others to Congratulate Mr. Seyi Tinubu for the 2023 Electoral Victory of his Father. By dint of hard-work, determination and unyielding belief in the whole endeavor, he achieved success and victory for the All Progressives Congress APC.

In A press Statement issued during the week by the National Coordinator Prince Adewale Samson. for Re-Awaken Initiative of Nigeria (RAIN),Samson is a former Ex- Governorship Candidate 2019 Election, former National Secretary to late Dr. Frederick Fasehun OPC & UPN Party, and the Director Inter-Parties Affairs for Tinubu/Sanwo-Olu Campaign, This press release signed by Dr. Smart  Ofonyiri his Director Media and Publicity

Samson said, they are appreciative of Mr. Seyi Tinubu’s Land-Mark contribution towards the victory. That Seyi’s distinction between politics and loyalty is legendary, He Therefore Call On All Nigeria Youths To Emulate Him, saying The people of Nigeria and all that yarn for true development are appreciative of his indelible achievement in all aspects of human endeavor and the unprecedented strategies he brought to bear during the electioneering process that gave birth to the eventual victory of APC.

Ex-Guber Candidate Samson

The joy of the good people of Nigeria know no bounds for the victory of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a result of a dispassionate assessment of Seyi Tinubu’s previous and on-going records and his superlative antecedents.

Samson said, the victory of APC at the polls showed that nobody dared to question Seyi Tinubu’s paranormal intelligence as his leadership skill remains unequalled. His innovative abilities are inimitable. He is a fountain of inspiration to the youths and we cherish his entrepreneurship. Value and kind-heartedness.

Seyi Tinubu bridged the gap by changing the political narratives in Nigeria as his entire actions and activities showed that there is still hope for the youths to take initiatives and achieve the same.

In spite of all provocative utterances against his father, Bola Tinubu who was the Presidential Candidate of APC by mischief makers, this great young icon, Seyi Tinubu maintained equanimity, a trait that is in very short supply amongst today’s youths. Rather, he concerned himself in organizing rallies, town-hall meetings, workshops, philanthropic events and other forms of consultations during the electioneering campaigns, turning Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu into a special brand of inestimable quality. He was busy in his usual style preaching the gospel of new hope for Nigeria, unity and peace, sustainable development and the likes while other contenders in the presidential race were busy exerting their time, energies and resources casting aspersions that gave them up to defeat.

We therefore call on all Nigeria youths to take a review and evaluate, as a case study the activities of this great gem during the just concluded election. We also charge all Nigeria youths to emulate Seyi Tinubu’s drive for youth development and hunger for sustainable development.

We also call on all Nigerians to know and understand that coercion with dissentful opinions undermines democracy and puts it under threat. The people have spoken through the ballots but Seyi Tinubu should use his goodwill to advise his father who is now the father of the nation that the interest of Nigerians must be protected.

We congratulate Seyi Tinubu once more for a deserving victory.

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