Fashion Lifestyle In Relationship – Sponsored By Seke Fashion

Fashion Lifestyle In Relationship – Sponsored By Seke Fashion this will teach us more dress code to put on that matches the mood and order of our day.

With this SEKEFASHION  have  come to conclusion  that said, how you dress is part of a relationship.
We all want to be seen as attractive by our significant other! As a quick Google search reveals, “most of the time the question of dress in relationships leads to conversations about how men need to dress better/more maturely/more stylishly for their women”. 

And also how  ladies need to dress for her man. it is very important for every ladies to dress in a responsible way and manner.

,Even if you feel like dressing the way u felt try all it takes to consider your reputation and the man that call you his heart cause your dressing can tell the world everything they need to know about you. So be guided and obey all rule of dressing and wears for the reason why they are design and why they are design for that reason

Fashion Lifestyle In Relationship – Sponsored By Seke Fashion

 CLOTHING: has a great significance because it affects the relationship among citizens, family, & friends .
Clothing is not simply a private or personal matter; it implies the existence of an intersubjective social world in which one presents oneself and is seen by others.

” In examining the implications of fashion for relationships, I will concede that through fashion relationship can move to higher point were people never expect”.

fashion bring out your real shape and the posture of one can be notice through style and CLOTHING. 

Dressing: is a way we signal ourselves to the outside world, and this includes our significant other: how we dress is a way we communicate both our love for him/her and our own self-knowledge.
Fashion Lifestyle In Relationship

Sekefashion have come to open our mind and eyes to see the beauty of fashion on our everyday life so stay connected; We speak your language


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