Global Updates On “Beyond Garland Initiative”

Despite all the climatic change in the world , we all need some sort of encouragement , BEYOND GARLAND INITIATIVE , has been doing some great works as they target to plant about one million trees all over the world , this is convened by “Susan Modupe Garland “ and her first stop is Africa , where she and her team began walk against Coronavirus in Lagos, Nigeria to create public awareness on this current global pandemic the COVID-19 .
The mission is clearly defined !!!

Climate Change is expected to affect every country in the world, but it’s impact will not be felt equally across all regions and some will be worse hit than others because of a range of different threats. READ MORE

Her other Missionary goals includes:

“Sustainable Management
Sustainable management of natural resources and enterprise, green jobs and market developments.
Local Community Development
Enhance the capacity of local community and ethnic minority for their well being, participatory natural resource management and rural developments.
Poverty Alleviation
Support the less privileged individuals to improve standard of living by engaging in green activities that will promote sustainable agriculture.”
BEYOND GARLAND INITIATIVE ,is indeed a blessing to this generation and we believe they just even got started , the organisation distributed about 200 piece of 500ml hand sanitisers across Lagos brt buses in Nigeria in the fight against covid-19
The pioneer of this great movement , Susan said “i hope this will continue and the government will implement the use of hand sanitisers in public buses” READ MORE

Telephone : ​+971585702746


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