How To Build My Financial Life – By Kswag

How To Build My Financial Life By Kswag

Your financial outcome in life will be more predictable if you are intensional, especially the youth and the coming generation.
Building your financial life, you need to be more discipline , and prudent in savings because your financial freedom is a gateway for peace of mind.

Everybody has something that can translate into their financial future, be investment savy and have a saving mentality. read HERE
God created us all in his image and gave us several natural abilities , what we do with it totally depends on us , if we draw closer to him , more ideas will be discovered .

How To Build My Life financially

How To Build My Financial Life by Kswag

Law of Intentionality – you must be intentional if you want to grow your finance.

Law of Ownership – being your own producer gives you edge to think aright.

Law of The Seed – All results in life once started as a seed.

If you have graces for finances, it should show in how hard working you are , many people aren’t intentional about their finance, “because they simply say God will do it , but God wants you to act. This means you need to engage your self, you need to make out plans and have the intention to make it work. Build your spending habit have a tabulated plan on how your expense should be .

This basically tells you to take full responsibility of your financial status in life , meaning you are solely in charge of your flow of income. In our present world today , “many people are tied down due to the fear of the unknown, so they lack the ability of taking full ownership of their financial life. For example, if you manufacture a product, it is in your custody to make it get to the right channel of sales ,meaning as the owner of the product , you will do all it takes to ensure it you get returns or your effort.

You are your own dream and reality ,make it happen when you take courage !!!

This talks about making sacrifices to ensure your dream come true, always having that investment mindset, regardless the best seed you can sow now is by start “saving to avoid excuses in the future.
The Seed, is what you need to be careful about , because they are those little efforts you put, in ensuring your finances gets better foundation.

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