Laspotech Entrepreneurship Seminar – SMBS : The Summary

Laspotech Entrepreneurship Seminar – SMBS : The Summary

It was indeed a great time out with students of SMBS and their lecturers, as they were gathered at the 500 capacity hall. This entrepreneurship and interactive seminar took place on the 21st day of April 2021.

During the course of the seminar, many critical and interesting topics were highlighted. The aim is too groom the students to become good entrepreneur , who will manage, control and become leaders.

Laspotech Entrepreneurship Seminar

Students of the great polytechnic ,were taught about the three t’s of entrepreneurship and their meaning.




Mr Oludare Abolorun, went further, in discussing with students, the need to be “Your own boss”.

The points are as follow :

  1. It builds wealth creation
  2. Success makes you an asset, it brings recognition.
  3. Several other destinies are tied to your own destiny
  4. It guarantees economic independence
  5. For Effective networking

Amazing quotes from the seminar..

Your potential is the only criteria to become influential.

The most important part of you , will always be inside of you .

While others sit , one must stand, while they stand one must be very outstanding .

NOTE : Procrastination is a thief time , start small and get big KACHI TV CARES

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