Meet “Dinero” Africa’s Beauty Personality


Today we will be giving you an inside out about our beauty personality DINERO her full name Mebitaghan Happiness, fashion is life and beauty is essential ,she is that model to look out for and am sure she’s got a bright side in the modelling industry in Nigeria and outside the world .

DINERO is Nigerian beauty model , she hails from Delta state and she is set to do Africa proud , as she explore her world , being a model and fashion lover is just all you would be expecting from a beauty personality that is creative , we love her because she is a dream chaser and we believe in gender equity .
Dinero was crowned Miss philosophy 2018 ,she is an inspiration to young ladies out there as she strives for the best .

We at KACHI TV ,asked a bit about her and she said” check below
( Mebitaghan happiness ) DINERO

Having a great time with DINERO ,her role model in the industry she said

“My agbani darego, cartiana grey, and of course everyone who has impacted in my life”

We asked her about the views that people have about models and modelling that she would love to correct Dinero had this to say

” They are lots of discriminating views about models and I would love to correct some , Models are seem by some persons that they sell there body which is wrong because the work of a model is jst to exhibit your Brand to the viewers including you and I in a way to convince me entire human race how valuable such brand showcase by the models is…. .so models don’t intentionally go naked on runways because they feel like or they want you to be attracted to there body and all of that pls this unpleasant thoughts should be abogated “

She is also contesting for Face of elegancia and most pretty girl in Nigeria

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