Meet The Funniest Dude On Social Media Right Now – “Don Charliejay”

Nigerian social media in some days back just discovered a new Comic sensation on Instagram who goes by the name “Don Chariejay” , his name Charles Chukwudi hails from the eastern part of Nigeria , lives in Imo state.

Some of his favourite act in the comedy industry are Ay, sydney talker, nastylaq Baeu and Oluwadollarz.

Don Charliejay has got everyone stalk on him lately on Instagram for his funny video skit he did mimicking how internet boys hustle, in his caption on the video he said JUST FOR FUN, now fun is making him famous like the speed of light all over the country with various people posting this trending video on their whatsapp status etc . kudos to Doncharliejay

NOTE: Hold your phone properly because you will laugh and fall on the floor !!!

follow him on instagram : @Doncharliejay


We at KACHI TV feels glad being the first media breaking the news to the world officially.

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