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Peter Obi and Atiku might loose in 2023 :Tips Tinubu -PW Says


Peter Obi and Atiku might loose in 2023 :Tips Tinubu -PW Says

Peter Obi  and Atiku might loose

Peter Obi and Atiku might loose in 2023 :Tips Tinubu -PW Says

Tonye Princewill is an accomplice of Rotimi Amaechi. He made it known to the public that it will be too early to determine the winner of 2023 election.

In an interview on Monday the 3rd of October, Tonye said that Tinubu and the BAT SQUAD has a higher advantage of winning the forthcoming election. His reasons are based on the fact that, there will be a split vote between the suppoerters of Peter Obi (Labour party) and Atiku (Pdp). Well this seems quite controversial, and we look forward to seeing what happens.

In July, Princewill left the APC over its decision to have a same-religion ticket.

Speaking in the interview, the politician also said he is not comfortable with APC’s same religion ticket because of the country’s “current sensitivities”.

“If we took the election picture as it is now, I see the likelihood of a run-off as things stand. But this is too early and a lot will — not can — happen in five months,” he said.

“For obvious reasons, and I have made myself clear, I don’t want to see a Muslim-Muslim ticket in the villa. But if we are not careful, the potential in a Peter Obi or an Atiku, that is not fully utilised, will lead us to a Tinubu as president.

Will peter obi loose 2023 election ? let find out with time

Peter Obi and Atiku might loose in 2023

“Why do I say that? PDP strongholds in the south-south and the south-east and middle belt, which are ordinarily Atiku bases, will now be split between Atiku and Peter Obi. One is taking the votes of the other.

“That means, underestimate Tinubu at your peril; we found this out the hard way. Underestimate Atiku at your peril; Wike found this out the hard way. And underestimate Peter Obi and his youths at your peril and you may find out the hard way too. Neither of these men rely on their fellow men.”

Will Peter Obi loose 2023 election ?

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