Rochas ANSOROK Group, Cautions Jonathan not to join APC

The National Coordinator of a Group called ANSOROK ( All Nigeria
Support Owelle Rochas Okorocha ) during 2007 Presidential Election
Period, as come out to warn Former President Good-Luck  Jonathan not to join APC
yet! Despite all the pressures from his associates, that his group
ANSOROK is on consultation visits to few leaders across the Southern
Zone in the Country.  these zones comprise the South East, South West,
And South-South Zones and in the South-South zone his name
is among the 5 Five leaders penciled down for  ANSOROK 6 Six-Man
Presidential Consultation Committee Team to visit him regards 2023
Presidential Election and to reveal a lot of secrets to him. So
Jonathan must not go to APC!

Last week ANSOROK Group met in Lagos State with former old
stakeholders of ANSOROK 2005/7 and some Leaders of other groups in

In a follow-up telephone conversation with the National Coordinator of
ANSOROK, Prince Adewale Samson, who said the consultation committee is
perfectly doing fine in their Assignment that 5 Names from Each Zone
all together 15 Names were penciled down for visitation.

We try to find out from him who and who have they visited, he said
they will be made known to all Nigerians that it won’t be a hidden
visitation because some of these Personalities are Public Figures that
cannot be hidden.

Rochas ANSOROK Group

Finding out from him if Jonathan is one of them he said as a matter of
urgency! President Good luck Jonathan Should Stop the planned moves in
joining APC, and wait for ANSOROK visitation to him first, that it
would save him a lot, according to Samson from fillers he got
from some youths movements in Nigeria, they will only vote for candidates
from younger new generation political parties that very soon he will
mention Names of those Political Parties that the Youths now
preferred, etc. which he cannot disclose on the telephone Now.

We further ask Samson why can’t they just adopt Rochas Okorocha as the
preferred candidate, as this will save them all the traveling and
consultation Expenses here and there also ANSOROK is an Acronym for
All Nigerians Support Owelle Rochas Okorocha for President.

Samson said no doubt ANSOROK is mainly for Rochas Okorocha that was in
the year 2005/7 election period that they worked for Rochas Okorocha,
that was 15Years Ago, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, that
some of the leaders that worked with him in the ANSOROK project, some of
they are Now in PMB Group, Tinubu Group, Markafi Group, Jonathans
Group, etc. ANSOROK Group happen to be the Group that housed all of
them at that time 2007, they all left after the 2007 Election when
those working with Rochas Okorocha refused us to meet with him, after
trying several times also while he was the Governor of Imo State, but
He has decided to bring them back, but they insist we set up a
Presidential Consultation Committee for the Southern Zones only, which
ROCHAS OKOROCHA is one of the southeast leaders they are going to visit.

We also spoke with the Secretary of the Presidential Consultation
Committee Mrs. Jumai, who made us know that during 2005-2007 ANSOROK
Group Coordinator Prince Adewale Samson did not Consult with Senator
Rochas Okorocha first before setting up ANSOROK Campaign Group for
him, Samson made a lot of sacrifice for the Group, so when he called
this time we told him that Rochas must be aware first, some of the
other leaders are the ones that suggested a committee be set up for
Southern Zone, and to also choose the best among other contestants
from those zones to work with, and if  Rochas is the best and he is
also contesting for president they will collapse all their political
structure to ANSOROK 2023 and continue from where they stop in 2007,
but until then they are still independent away from ANSOROK.

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