Ronaldo ahead of Messi at national level

Ronaldo ahead of Messi in international stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo leads Lionel Messi in international statistics after scoring One hundred and three (103) goals for his country side, thereby scoring thirty two goals more than his counterpart who scored seventy one (71) goals.

Although, those numbers count for both competitive and friendly matches, however, Ronaldo scored 85 goals total in competitive games compared to Messi’s 37 despite playing fewer friendly games, his goals tally account for more goals per 90 minute.

Ronaldo ahead of Messi in international stage. reports that Ronaldo is also a scorer of more hat tricks with nine (9) than Messi who is with six (6). Taking up and finishing free kicks more than his opposite figure, scoring ten (10) freekicks where Messi scored six (6).

However, Messi converted more penalties sixteen (16) than Ronaldo’s Eleven (11). And that is his only superior number against his rival. highlightted that The most superior achievement in football is the trophy won and here Ronaldo has two trophy at national levels, winning the Euros as well as the Nations League, whereby Messi has no trophy to show.

However, the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi goes on as it were and it is sure to be for some more time.

So, I enjoin you to enjoy their rivalry while it last.

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