Samson Adewale Dedicates His Award To Governor Sanwo-Olu

Samson Adewale Dedicates His Award To Governor Sanwo-Olu

Kachi TV caught up with Prince Samson Adewale, the controversial and he is also a gentleman per excellence when he was receiving a Meritorious Award from AdexFamous Communications, A Multi-Media Production at OPIC EVENT CENTER.

In presenting the Award to Samson, the organizers and award presenters told Samson in the general public that they observed he has contributed immensely to the life of Prince Adedeji Ademuyiwa (KOKORO ORO) and the society at large, having seen these they concluded that Samson deserves an accolade Merit Award.

They also prayed for Samson to keep up the good work he is doing to the society at large, people see all he is doing even when he is not making noise, which is why Various Bodies And Groups Nominated Him For The Award.

Samson Adewale Dedicates His Award To Governor Sanwo-Olu

Samson in his response took the stage as there was rowdy and standing ovations applaud for him as he was speaking to the audience:“I want to thank everyone- various groups, bodies, organisations, individuals, family members and all those I don’t even know, ( I say it again! Thank to those I don’t even know) but found me worthy to be nominated for this AWARD. I am truly honoured to receive it.

It is an even greater honour to be placed in such distinguished rank as those of the past honourees, most of whom have been colleagues at one time or another, all of whom have made important contributions to life in our society and state at large, and all of whom I consider to be friends and family.Special thanks go to: – AdexFamous Communications for having the generosity to nominate me, – To all the committee members- And to the sponsors for making the event possible. 

I’m the one who has been given this honour but the award belongs at least equally to the great teams that I have had the good fortune to work with at the various stages of the way groups like Re-Awaken initiative of Nigeria (RAIN), YOUTHS IN GOVERNANCE ,CRPP, PRO-DEMOCRACY (PRODECO not NADECO please), CPLG, AGAP, YOUTH VANGUARDS, etc. All these groups are for good governance, we say it the way it is, and we are the watchdog of the society.

Without taking much of our time, with joy in my heart I must thank one person specially, I know you all will be thinking it would be my wife, (smile) but no …, it’s Hon. Tayo Ayinde! the current Chief of Staff to the Lagos state Governor During the 2019 general election Build up, I happened to meet with Him in his ICG Campaign office at GRA, over 45 groups in the list waiting to see him, my group was at number 32, I told people that it is not possible for him to see everybody, but Hon Tayo Ayinde will keep coming outside from his office to say, please I will see you all be patient, To cut the long story short, it got to my turn around 11pm, that was Friday night though! I had already made up my mind to sleep inside a Danfo bus parked outside, because I don’t have a car.

I EVEN came to this Event here with public transport despite the heavy downpour, the moment I entered his office, the first thing I asked him was: “Sir, how possible will you see everybody in one day? He said “I am here by the Grace of God, not by my power, God will not shame me and my Governor, we are here to serve humanity”. I underlined the word- To Serve Humanity. “I will see everybody here today only those that cannot wait will reschedule their own appointment for another day, my strength is from Almighty God, so how can I help you sir, because I will be closing around 2am to go and prepare for another function around 8am tomorrow morning”. From that day I was inspired by him, Chief of Staff the IROKO Himself am grateful am inspired by you. 

Having said so, I Hereby Dedicate This Award Specially to Your Boss: The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. From what we have seen in the last one year he assumed office, he is a man of his words and always matches action with it.

We all can testify to how he followed up the Covid-19 pandemic, and how he has been able to manage the EndSARS situation. Thank you for what you’re doing for Lagosians.

You’ve been tested and your Performance grade per Excellent. Keep being the empathetic and performing governor that you are. Also thanking his Right Hand men of thinker of calibres-The Deputy Governor, Femi Hamzat-The Commissioner for Health, Commissioner for Youth, Commissioner for Agriculture etc., and other members of his cabinet for supporting the governor in carrying out all the good works for him.

 It takes people of wisdom and courage to strive through the storm despite the fake news flying around trying to pull-down the governor and his government, you all have done well ,hence, I am dedicating this award to you all so you can do more.God bless.

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