Summary Of Fuel Price Hike In Nigeria So Far : The Untold Gist

Summary Of Fuel Price Hike In Nigeria So Far : The Untold Gist .

In Nigeria today, many are finding it hard to access fuel due to it scarcity. Fuel stations in Lagos , Abuja and some other parts of the country are experiencing long queue .

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Summary Of Fuel Price Hike In Nigeria

 PPPRA deletes post announcing petrol price increase as NNPC insists there is no hike in price
The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) has deleted a petrol pricing template announcing an increase in the retail price of petrol.

The template, published on its website on Thursday night, was deleted on Friday morning amid the outrage over the price increase.

“The government has communicated the reality on the ground which is that fuel will be sold at N212 because we have to pay all the associated costs and make some profit also,” said the oil retailer who did not immediately identify himself to the Gazette.

Fuel Price Hike In Nigeria

“Nigerians should either accept the reality of continue with their protest against the government.”

In other parts of the country, KACHI TV observed that some filling stations have been selling at between N162 to N220 per litre. In Ijebu Ode, Ogun, many stations have also shut down operation to hoard available products until they have a clearer view of the policy, Kachi Tv observed.

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