Susan Garland Will Inspire You As A Young Lady ( read more)

Susan Garland Will Inspire You As A Young Lady

From being a Beauty Queen , Susan Garland has grown into a philanthropist as she continues the good work with her BEYOND GARLAND INITIATIVE , in 2019 she won the Miss Earth Nigeria beauty pageant which launched her into the spotlight.

Susan Garland will continue to fly the Nigerian flag high in her course to protect the earth and educate the world about the effects of climatic change READ MORE .She recently launched her first publication on a book she titled “The Earth Is Important Too” which focuses on climate change on the earth and was formally introduced to the reading public on Sunday, May 10 .

As a young lady Susan Garland has always contributed her own quota to the development of human existence , during the recent times of coronavirus outbreak her organisation “BEYOND GARLAND INITIATIVE” distributed over 200 hand sanitisers worth 500 ml in size across major bus terminal in Lagos State READ MORE .

Susan Garland Will Inspire You As A Young Lady

Her course is to plant a million trees across the countries of the world who are vulnerable and highly affected by climate change through the sales of her book DETAILS


SUSAN is an inspiration all young ladies and we are glad to see her go higher , to every young lady who feels down emotionally or has no self belief , this story of hers should keep your fire burning .


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