The Nigerian Story : Her Problems & Solutions

The Nigerian Story : Problems & Solutions

We hope that a long lasting solution to bad governance and nepotism ends in our dear country Nigeria Great Youth must come out and fight our course .
The Nigerian matters arising is a tragic one , because we are yet to understand the benefit of our independence day celebration at 60 , Aisha Yesufu once said “We want a Nigerian community where the child of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody”.

By right Nigeria is meant to be among the world’s best economy, but corruption has eaten so deep among the Nigerian leaders from way back till date “we need serious reformation in every sector of the economy”

The Nigerian Story is Indeed Inspring

Nigerian gained her independence in the year 1960 October First, since then till date the country had experienced so many happenings within her economy. from currency devaluation to unemployment, bad leadership etc.

Nigeria needs more youth participation in Governance ,as this will give rapid change and development to the economy. The youth are in the information and technology era which makes things even easier .

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