Two Months Of Lekki Massacre – As Nigerian Youth Mourns

Two Months Of Lekki Massacre – As Nigerian Youth Mourns

On the 20th day of October 2020 peaceful protesters were shot at by the Nigerian Military men , reports claimed that before the incident at Lekki, lights were put off.

The EndSARS Campaigners came out peacefully in their number to speak against police brutality in the country. “This sporadic shot from the military men started and open fire arms at unarmed citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria”.

Nigerians all over social media keeps the faith and awareness alive , because they all believe in equity and justice for all the live lost during the protest .

Two Months Of Lekki Massacre

Nigerians are not ready to keep silent as they create more awareness to the international community on the basis of what happened that very day . We hope and pray that due justice is serve and peace is restored to the country .

Lekki Massacre in october

The question of “WHO GAVE THE ORDER” is yet to be answered , while many Nigerians ponder and wonder , “singer songwriter Burnaboy made a song in Honor of our fallen heroes , celebrities all over Nigeria have come out in Numbers to lend their voice”.

Many Nigerian Youth look forward to 2023 as they sure will come out in their number to vote against Bad Leadership . Nigeria will sure become a place of love and unity as we are known for .


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