Vice President elect of Naps south-west pays visit to Yabatech SUG

Vice President elect of Naps south-west pays visit to Yabatech SUG

On the 22nd of FEBRUARY 2022, the newly elected Vice President [South West] paid a visitation to the Students Union Government of YABATECH.

In attendance, the Vice President of NAPS Southwest – Comr. Iwalokun T. Lawrence, The Chief of Staff to Vice President – Comr. Kuton David, The SA on Planning and Public affairs – ComrAl-ameen JumuahComr. Giwa – Former NANS ZONE D GEN SEC, Former Assistant General Secretary NANS JCC Lagos axis – Comr.oyefeso, the President of Yabatech SU – Comr. Philip, the Senate President of the Union – Senator. Omoyajowo, The Speaker, faculty of Engineering (Yabatech) – RT.hon. Oyebanji.

Briefly the Students Union President Comr. Phillip Effia welcomes the South West representatives to the Yaba college of technology and he states the current states of the Union.

Vice President elect of Naps

NAPS Yabatech

The National Vice President Southwest Comr. Iwalokun T. Lawrence in his speech stated a lot about his agenda to reform the Polytechnic body and also to reunite the polytechnic structure in South West.

Furthermore Comr. Giwa Issa state that reuniting the students structure is the germane things to put in place, he also gave out his words that he’s in full support of the administration, Sen. Comr also included that we should also drop our personal ambitions to achieve a common goal.

NAPS South West and Yabatech SUG

In addendum Comr. Oyefeso The formal Assistant General Secretary of NANS JCC Lagos axis also advise the administration to create  value within the students structure, solving problems  diplomatically and also creating a memorable legacies between the office holder and the students.

The SA to the Vice President Comr. Al-ameem Jumuah gave out a closing remark.

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