Welcome To Kachi Tv : Meet With The Team

Welcome To Kachi Tv : Meet With The Team


KACHI TV, INFORMATION TO REACH YOUR WORLD,it all started from paper works to when PENTIFIER and The Team discuss and drew the logo sketch that how the BRAND LOGO For KACHI TV came into existence. we started a Team of 10 members whose drive and vision was clearly defined. we are the future WELCOME TO KACHI TV

KACHI TV is a media-house established basically to distribute information,there by creating opportunities for workers and skilled individuals from all field of life,as we educate,entertain,promote and give you fresh news as hot as the rising sun.KACHI TV, was founded in november 2019 by Onyekachi aka Kswag, this is more than just an online tv and blog we are the Future with our TEAM MEMBERS.

MISSION:Our mission,is to distribute information across the globe for the benefit of man-kind,there by making the world a safer and business friendly ground

VISION:Our vision,is to be the world’s leading media house for information,research and global connection, Attachments areas. info@kachitv.com




Chukwunweike Onyekachi popularly known as Kswag, is the founder and present CEO of KACHI TV, a graduate of business administration from the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic, he was born on the 20th of april 1997 an origin of Delta state , lives in lagos Nigeria ,he is a Nigerian Recording artiste and business mogul.

Kachi saw the need for information to cut across all nations and to make it educative and give growing and existing business a platform to explore where by making the world a business friendly ground which led to the establishment of KACHI TV

Team Leader ( Miss Yewande)

Meet miss Badejo Yewande, present TEAM LEADER for the team born December 8, she resumed office as the Team’s manager in the month of January 2020 .

She is a design and aesthetics enthusiast , and also a graduate of library and information science at the prestigious Tai Solarin University Of Education , Wande is an indigen of Ogun State, Nigeria.

CONTACT : Badejoyewande@kachitv.com

Social Media Manager (Mr Olayemi)

Meet our SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER , Adeniyi Olayemi otherwise known as BRAINY, basically from the western part of Nigeria with a degree qualification from Lagos State Polytechnic. notwithstanding still running some higher degrees.
He has been part of the team since December 2019, “it’s actually been nice working with this Great Team”.

He head and supervises the blog admins

Stay intact and ride with us
Love From KACHI TV .

Team Welfare Manager (Sarah)

Meet Okafor Sarah Mmasichi,  from Enugu state , lives in Lagos and was born in the month of June.
I am a graduate of Lagos State polytechnic where I studied Business administration as a course.
  I joined December 2019 ,and I am currently working as the (Team Welfare manager) for the team,  working with kachitv as taught me alot and as helped me grow as an individual.
I learnt how to work with different people and making sure the welfare of the team is good. 
My best quote that as help and still helping me in life  and I want every young ones out there to know is ” YOU 
CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE” as long as you are determined and focused, you will surely achieve it.
I am happy working with kachitv.



Meet Racheal, lives at Ogun State , studied business administration at the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic,an April born Racheal joined KACHI TV, in the month of march 12th 2020.

Racheal currently working at the Marketing Department,”working with KACHI TV has been great, and i never for once regret it and its a wonderful platform for self growth and also to explain the world of information.



Meet Olanrewaju Ibrahim, from Ogun State, lives in Lagos State ,studied Insurance at the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic. being a May born, joined the KACHI TV team in July 2020.
Team Graphics
Ibrahim is currently working as the team blog admin for sport segment and graphics designer, he loves seeing movies, playing video games and watching football.

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