Why Nigeria Govt Lift Twitter Ban – More Stories : Revealed !!!

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Why Nigeria Govt Lift Twitter Ban – More Stories : Revealed !!!

Many claimed that it was due to political reasons and interest that led to uplifting of twitter ban in Nigeria. Everyone knows that election is fast approaching and the social media app is one of the biggest communication tools.

The twitter ban uplift left many Nigerians happy, after the news broke on the 12th of January, 2022. Rumors has it that the intention was more of a political agenda and motive. Nigerians are beginning to have double minds as regards to this new development. Well we will have to make more research so as to back up this claims, freedom of speech is one of our key fundamental human rights .

Why Nigeria Govt Lift Twitter Ban

Another reason why it looks so fishy, is because of the need for political parties to campaign on the social media application. President Muhammadu Buhari has directed that the ban on Twitter be lifted after about 222 days.

According to the minister of state for labour, Mr Festus Keyamo he made it known that the suspension favored Nigerians. He added “for those who prioritized politics over patriotism and exhibited disingenuous righteousness on twitter, can now see tat the federal govt conditions will favor Nigerians” .

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