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Top 5 Skills for Every Nigerian Student in 2024 – LEARN MORE


Top 5 Skills for Every Nigerian Student in 2024 – LEARN MORE

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Top 5 Skills for Every Nigerian Student – LEARN MORE

Looking at the situation of things in Nigeria, there is no doubt that having a reputable skill is a top tier advantage. Every sector of life needs a spice of one skillful person to function effectively. For this reason, we have put together some of the high notable skills we feel every Nigerian student should possess in 2024.

What is A Skill ?

Firstly, what is a skill or how can we easily define a skill in simple terms ? A Skill, is simply describe as having a required or special training in order to perform a particular task or work.

There is no doubt that we are in the 21st century of information age. Looking at this simply tells us that we should acquire skill related to this trend, or we should possess skills that are for the long term benefit. In this article, we will be discussing our top 5 skill and the reasons why we believe they will be beneficial for every Nigerian student in 2024.

Top 5 Skills for Every Nigerian Student IN 2024

Top 5 Skills for Every Nigerian Student

In no particular order, we will be talking about :

  • Social Media Management
  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Management / Creation
  • Web Design and Graphics Design

Social Media Management

We are starting our discussion with social media management. This is probably not a new word to you, but only few people are actually utilizing the high advantages of social media to its full maximum. Social Media in 2024, is gradually becoming part of our daily lives and activities. The benefit of social media is so much that, even this article won’t be enough to carry all. Social media management deals with the effective use of social media mediums. These mediums are to promote, create and advertise contents for informational and business purposes. A Good social media manager will be good at analyzing contents that are fit for usage before they go live, and also help in giving real time analysis of how a social media account is functioning. To learn more feel free to join KACHI TV ACADEMY – HERE


Blogging is definitely not a new word as well, but the question is how many Nigerian student can actually blog? This will leave you pondering, Blogging in 2024 has actually advanced and a lot of new updates keeps coming through, as it is an evolving space. Blogging in simple terms is the ability to create or document contents or articles about a particular topic on the web.

For every Nigerian students who wants to go into blogging, he or she must be an internet lover, must also love writing or learn to be a good writer. Once you have this little requirements, your journey into the blogging world is one step ahead. The beauty about blogging, is that you are allowed to choose your niche, the niche is the category you would love your audience to know you for. As long as your content is compelling, you will keep growing your audience organically. One more thing is that a good content promotes your blog’s your site search engine optimization health . Blogging in 2024 is definitely lucrative with consistency and patience.

Top 5 Skills for Every Nigerian Student


Digital Marketing

Just as the name implies, Digital marketing is all about been a skilled online marketer with some basic skills to actually promote products or content. A digital marketer promotes brands and also connect them with their potential customers online. They are sometimes referred to as online marketers using different digital forms of communication. Under this, we have the content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and search engine marketing. Well having a digital marketing skill in 2024 as a Nigerian student is a top tier advantage.

Content Management / Creation

Content is the engine room of every sector, a good or bad content can change a lot of things and can give people an insight of what your values are . Being a content manager or creator, is definitely a very high demanding skill. The reason is because contents are what keeps people glue to your page, product or brand. For this reason, you need skilled content creators or managers who can create spell bound contents that promotes your brand or represent your values. Content management is the ability to effectively modify and organize a plan or idea in a way that puts it in its marketable state or form. From this definition, you would see that having this skill is of high end advantage which makes you an influencer.

Top 5 Skills for Every Nigerian Student in 2024

Web Design and Graphics Design

Web design and graphics design skill are like bread and butter, this is because we live in a digital world where every brand wants to look reputable. The reason is to enable them communicate directly with their audience. During this process, a bond is created between the business owner and his or her customers. It is the function of the graphics designer to make a good logo to represent the brand and what they do. A web designer picks it up from here and create a unique user space for customer and business owner interaction. This space is known as the brand’s website. Having this skill is a top tier for every Nigerian Student, as it globally lucrative.

Many thanks for reading this great article, we believe that it has inspired you to learn a new skill. Kindly share, someone in your contact list might need this information for a life changing experience.

PS: We will keep updating this article as we get more worthy skill mentions.

Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section below .



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