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27 Lessons From Death Of Mohbad – His Lifetime : SO INSPIRING


27 Lessons From Death Of Mohbad – His Lifetime : SO INSPIRING

27 Lessons From Death Of Mohbad.

The death of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba aka Mohbad took the internet by storm. Nigerians showed their grievance and sympathized with the family . The late singer, Mohbad was survived by a wife and child, he was declared dead on the 12th September, 2023.

  1. We will all die, either young or old.

2. Do what you love with the time you have.

3. The earth wouldn’t stop; neither would the world change a few seconds after you die. So don’t stop for anyone or let anyone stop you.

4. Passion will eventually lead to provision.

5. A proof of passion is sacrifice. Mohbad used proceeds from his carpentry business to pay for studio time. He was a passionate young man.

6. Sometimes, the only person you can trust is yourself.

7. Family isn’t about blood. Big ups to Bella Shmurda, who stood up for Mohbad when everyone (including his family) was quiet or unbothered. That’s the real family. That’s a real friend.

8. Fear can kill (while we await the autopsy report if there will be any). Let’s stick with this.

9. Sometimes you become more famous after your death.

10. Keep at what you are doing regardless of the internal or external pressure. Context: despite the persecution, Mohbad still released an EP. That’s genius living.

11. Even if no one listens, keep speaking your truth. His lyrics were littered with his experiences. I wish we paid attention.

12. People only care about themselves, and their decisions are mostly self-centered.

13. Sometimes the only blessing you can get is living in a country with fully functional law and order.

14. Sometimes the only curse is to live in a country where lawlessness is the order of the day.

27 Lessons From Death Of Mohbad.

15 If you realize that frenemies surround you, make plans to protect your loved ones financially by investing in their names. They will thank you when you are gone.

16. You are never too young to write a will, to plan for the future.

17. If your heart is pure, your death can spark a revolution. Or if your death happens on social media.

18. Speak out; you may save yourself and give a clue to those investigating your demise.

19. Surround yourself with people who can stand up for you. Context: One of the numerous videos showed when Zlatan stood up to protect Mohbad from being bullied.

20. Be humble because if you’re lucky you will be buried in a box, stowed in a hole, and before I, forget, dressed in one sad looking outfit.

21. Success is a relative term and most times, it is measured in the intangibles.

22. The Bible was right about a man’s gift making a way for him. Music achieved what carpentry couldn’t achieve for Mohbad.

23. The cliché is true: good things can happen to bad people and bad things to good people.

24. If possible, be friends with your enemy until you’re stronger than them; then strike. Robert Greene and jihadists will be proud of me.

25. You honestly might never know how influential you are until you die. In which case you might never know.

26. Give people their flowers today; they may not be around tomorrow.

27. If possible, live as if you are dead already. Live without care or fear.

Rest in perfect peace Mohbad #JusticeforMohbad

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