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Borno Soldiers Call out Lt Col SJ AJIYA for allegedly Endangering Lives in Dikwa


Borno Soldiers Call out Lt Col SJ AJIYA for allegedly Endangering Lives in Dikwa

Borno Soldiers Call out Lt Col SJ AJIYA for allegedly Endangering Lives in Dikwa

Published 22nd, April 2024.

This information is quite sensitive and we urge the following bodies to look into this matter with all humanity and concerns.

According to anonymous source, Few months ago, some so called Repentant Boko Haram(RBH) came to the unit to tell the commanding officer about some undisclosed conversation. He swiftly mobilized soldiers to the place the RBH discussed with him without due confirmation. This particular movement claimed the lives of 7 soldiers when the mines(IED) detonated.

Reporting anonymously to Kachi Tv News, “the commanding officer said he is a commander, that he can do whatever he wants” . That is why he frequently brings women into the battalion HQ and “we all know that bringing women into the HQ is a violation of law and a very bad omen” , the soldier stated.

Borno Soldiers Call out Lt Col SJ AJIYA

Looking further, this act shows that soldiers of this battalion are not in happy mood following the recent happenings in Borno State, Dikwa. The commander of 81DIV taskforce battalion, dikwa borno state, Lt Col SJ AJIYA who hails from Plataeu State has been labelled a tyrant for his inconsiderate moves which also includes poor feeding.

Borno Soldiers Call out Lt Col SJ AJIYA

“The commander has also sent soldiers to scavenge a property that belongs to the state government. Meanwhile, the boko Haram has been monitoring our activities daily”, the soldier said.
After several days, troops was still going there under the commander’s orders, but the enemy planted IED in between the blocks that the commander said soldiers should carry and load on our vehicles. Then when one of the soldiers carried the block, the IED detonated and killed the pte salako damilare.

There have also been failure Failure to maintain military vehicles by the Commander, hence caused the death of soldiers including the RSM wo nwogwu Charles, the death of pte ugwu Daniel And insisting to make a deployment in a vulnerable location called gajobo in dikwa LGA. This has led to the death of 3 soldiers and destruction of military vehicles. This happened on the 19th day of April, 2024 which happens to be on a Friday.

We urge President Tinubu to take this matter serious and look into it with some clinical investigation, so as to keep the reputation of the Nigerian Army flying high.


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