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Homa Homa – Congolese Artiste Who Want To Change The Game


Homa Homa – Congolese Artiste Who Want To Change The Game

Homa Homa

Homa Homa – Congolese Artiste Who Want To Change The Game

Homa homa is a music artist born in Congo who lives in Belgium, Homa Homa, who has been making music for several years, has come elsewhere and promised that he has planned a lot to ensure that his music reaches far. In an interview with our news source, he has explained:-

What inspired you to come up with a series of Singles that you have called Afro Bx?

At some point in my career, I quickly discovered a difference that is my specialty. I am a young man who grew up in Congo and currently live in Belgium. This cultural mix directly influences my music. Having the main genre, afrobeat, I quickly understood that my afro would be a mixture of influences from all these cultures. Afro bx is made of afro in Belgium. A combination of my original culture and that of my new environment. In short, Afrobeat with French-speaking urban music vibes.

How long did it take to come up with this whole creative project?

I have been able to finish this series in a short time but for now I am continuing until the public understands my world which is still a form of research for me.

How do you feel as an artist expressing your feelings through music?

Music and art in general are important to me. They make me live. If you don’t know, I have several awards in the arts, especially filmmaking and music videos. Although music allows me to express emotions that I could not express in pictures as a director and video director, Music complements my visual arts skills.

Compared to your previous project, what is different about AFRO BX?

Links are fine, all you have to do is mention this style because I think I don’t accept Afro music like other artists.

Is working on your music outside of Africa a challenge for you?

Indeed, here the most popular music is Hip Hop. So trying to find this place is a big challenge for me because I’m kind of experimental. “I wonder what kind of Afro can create an audience for me in this society where I know half the rules.

If you get a chance to work with any Tanzanian artist who is on your mind at the moment and why?

The first name that comes to my mind is Diamond but when I think of Rayvanny my choice goes to him

 he. For me, he is the best future artist of Tanzania.

So far this year should we expect more music series from Homahoma?

I have never had a schedule as busy as this year so expect a lot from me.

What made you love Music?

In my country, music is an important part of life, nothing happens without music. We cry with music, pray, celebrate, celebrate, work … with music. My love for music is so unconditional that I forget what attracted me in the first place.

Homa homa is also available on his Instagram page along with his YouTube channel with the name @officialhomahoma

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