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Lik Da Stitch – A Fashion Brand & Academy for Creative Minds


Lik Da Stitch – A Fashion Brand & Academy for Creative Minds

Lik Da Stitch – A Fashion Brand

Creativity in the fashion industry is creating something out of nothing. Lik Da Stitch, a booming Fashion brand and academy in Nigeria, is known for her consistency and commitment. Over the years, the Ceo and Founder, Miss Monebi Titilope who is also known as streetwear_tailor, has proven her essence in the fashion world and business at large.

Lik Da Stitch and what they stand for

lik da stitch logo

Just as the name implies, they are a booming fashion brand in Nigeria with modern day facilities. They also focus on delivery of quality stitches, modern day street wears, signature, creative color blends and much more.

When Was Lik Da Stitch Founded ?

The brand was founded in the year 2020, by Miss Monebi Titilope and her mission was to ensure there was flexibility of fashion outfits mixed with creative styles. They are physically located in Lagos and Ogun state, but open to nationwide delivery and services.

Lik Da Stitch – Brand motto:

Work Smart but don’t skip the Hard Work

Notable Achievement :

Taught over 5,000 fashion designers how to make street wears and mentoring over 100,000 fashion designers across social media platforms.

lik da stitch fashion academy
lik da stitch streetwear academy

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