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President Tinubu Tenure Review : Nigeria’s Growing Reality


President Tinubu Tenure Review : Nigeria’s Growing Reality

President Tinubu Tenure Review : Our Growing Reality

On the 29th of may, 2023 Tinubu was sworn in as president of the federal republic of Nigeria. Since he became the 16th and current president of the giant of Africa, loads of new realities have been unfolded. Nigerians has experienced several economical policies in bid to revive the economy. One of the major thing he signed into law was the alleged “Student Loan”. That aside, the first pronouncement by the President, announced an end to the payment of subsidies on petrol. Which became a Nation-wide argument for and against his motive.

Nigerians have faced hike in petrol price while different fuel stations varies.

This has also led to almost double charge in transportation cost.

Naira to Dollar exchange recorded it highest exchange rate as one dollar equals to #1,200 naira .

President Tinubu Tenure Review

President Tinubu Tenure Review

We hope that things gets better with time

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