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Assist Youth – Samson, RAIN Director, Beg Sanwo-Olu, Elumelu, Otedola, Dangote,Seyi Tinubu


Assist Youth – Samson, RAIN Director, Beg Sanwo-Olu, Elumelu, Otedola, Dangote,Seyi Tinubu

Assist Youth – Samson, RAIN Director, Beg Sanwo-Olu,

Published, 28 August, 2023.

National Coordinator of Re-Awaken Initiative of Nigeria (RAIN), as called on well meaning Nigerians to Support the Youth, because they are not lazy. Kachitv

Kachitv Spoke with the Coordinator for RAIN in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria after a Workshop training, Prince Adewale Samson to our Reporter That Nigerian youth are not lazy After attending the workshop, Samson said he watched and listen to some of the Youths in the seminar, and was surprised to see young people enthusiastically trying to get started with what they envisioned in the program, but the funding/finance for them to start would be a big challenge and issue. Samson advises seminar organizers to always offer participants who want to start production the opportunity to obtain a soft loan. 

Prince Adewale Samson, National Coordinator of Re-Awaken Initiative of Nigeria (RAIN), congratulated all the young people who attended the seminar and said he was proud of them for doing well in society. his words ”you are not lazy” as some of our leaders call you. A few years ago, former President Buhari said: Nigerian youth are lazy!

Assist Youth – Samson, RAIN Director, Beg Sanwo-Olu,

Samson said it’s been a long time since the former president was alleged to have made such a statement, and wondered what the president was thinking when he made that powerful, over-the-top statement. Samson said he has been working very closely and Coordinating various Youth bodies, that one of his South West Zonal Youth Director Comrade Pascal Segun is under 30 controlling the 6 States in the south west if giving the needed Opportunity in government they will do well in the country interms of impacting positively in the youth development Therefore, I suspected that the former President, like most Nigerian leaders, was overly selfish and greedy to know the situation of Nigerian youth at the time. Far from being indifferent, as far as I know, Nigerian youth are completely dehumanized and completely mentally confused about what Nigeria’s ultimate fate should be and what awaits them.

Samson said young people in Nigeria are currently very disillusioned and filled with unforgivable disgust. They unwittingly slandered Nigeria, their own country, which is why they (Japalized to Abroad) preferred to seek greener pastures. Because Nigerian youth have lost their pride, respect and appreciation for life in Nigeria. The coordinator of RAIN said that young people’s consumptive attitude of trying to earn easy money at any cost without regard for moderation is creating a social hallucination of despair and survival. Samson said party music, cocktails and social activities have become a distraction, essentially to relieve the pressure caused by the unfortunate situation in his country, Nigeria. The beneficial activities that many of these young people want are never available. But they stumble in a logical, educational endeavor that has little to do with the ongoing difficulties facing young people.

In society, they find themselves no longer rewarding their devoted impulses other than by paying for their achievements, without questioning the sincerity they are supposed to have achieved. 

So it doesn’t make sense to join former PMB and say,’ Our youth are lazy’. Yet our young people are truly disappointed and I agree that serious recovery and a demonstrative rebuilding of Nigeria is needed to thrive. According to the RAIN coordinator, that’s exactly what Nigerian youth deserve right now. ,.    

Samson also said he was a dedicated young man and had seen his fellow youths take simple jobs, finish school and make their own fortunes in a stifling business environment under the previous administration. But he also said Nigerian youth are confident they will win under the Tinubu and sanwo-Olu governments. If the government gets the right advice and uses it properly.

Mr. Samson said there is no problem with easing fuel subsidy palliatives and giving them to young people. Samson said the federal and state governments should set up more vocational training centers in various municipalities in each federal state and do more to involve the private sectors in helping young people acquire skills. It means the private sectors and individuals have to make an effort, as governments cannot provide or build these centers on their own, 

Assist Youth – Samson, RAIN Director, Beg Sanwo-Olu,

Assist Youth - Samson, RAIN Director, Beg Sanwo-Olu,

RAIN promised he will provide a variety of skill centers across the state when the opportunity arises. RAIN feels that feeding the boys/youths fish isn’t 100% the best thing, but it could help ease the tension in some way. But the best way to overcome teen anxiety and find permanent solutions is to teach our youths how to fish for themselves.

Mr. Samson will do his utmost best to support the President and the Government of Nigeria off to a good start for the betterment of Nigerian youth, especially those who have just completed secondary and university education. He expressed his gratitude to members of Tinubu cabinet, the ministers and officials.

RAIN appealed to well-meaning Nigerians such as Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, the president’s son Seyi Tinubu, Tony Elumelu and Governor Sanwo-Olu, although Sanwo-Olu is known as a pro-youth governor, and all other state governors are calling on them to support President Tinubu, to please provide more skill centers by donating buildings and significantly subsidizing tuition payments to young people who want to learn one or more skills. Prince Samson Adewale said this would go a long way in reducing crime in their respective states.

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